Carolina Dominguez Work out 3

Exercise 3 Worksheet: Search for Peer-Reviewed Articles

Conserve this worksheet to your computer with the filename " Your_Name_Exercise_3. "

Full the stand below by doing the following:

Log on to Enter your username and password.  Select the Library tab.  Click on University Library.  Select General Resources.

Search both major databases (ProQuest and EBSCOhost) pertaining to peer-reviewed articles about a topic that interests you.  Checkmark the " educational journals, including peer reviewed" box in each search. �

Select one peer-reviewed document about your theme from every single database.

Fill in the table with information by each content and provide a synopsis in your own terms of each article.

Submit the completed worksheet while an attachment via the Assignment tab. Database

Publisher, Title, and Publication Particular date of Content

Summary of Article


Author: Margaret Benston

Name: (Women in science & technology: the legacy of Margaret Benston. Canadian Female Sudies 13(2) Winter 1993) Publication Date: Spring/Summer year 1994

This issue can be described as tribute to Margaret Lowe Benston's work as well for the innovative ideas which are frequently being developed with regards to women, science and technology. The articles happen to be divided into 3 sections: Margaret Benston: A Tribute, Females in Research and Technology: The Issues, and Strategies for the near future. In the initial section the writers give us many ideas into Benston's life and work when discussing feminism and its impact on women's contributions to research and technology. Marian Lowe, Benston's sibling, provides all of us with a biography of Benston combined with a great analysis showing how she got into contact with her feminist research. EBSCOhost

Author: Ioana Literat

Title: Leaving you Local Ladies through Technology Training: A Sustainable Income-Generating Model in Hyderabad, India. Publication Date: Spring/Summer 2014

In an effort to improve the local sustainability of a digital storytelling program in...

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