Strategic Innovation Back These types of M14828

Strategic Development: Back Gulf Battery

Through this online simulation, students play the role of a business unit manager by Back Gulf Battery Business who must balance a

portfolio of R& D investment strategies (over almost 8 simulated years) across goods in the portable power industry.

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Backside Bay Power supply

Strategic Creativity Simulation

Source Chain: Underlying Beer Game

This edition of the classic Beer Game can be enhanced simply by powerful management features: instructors can work any number of designs simultaneously in the same course; results are monitored in real time within the administrator displays and are quickly available in debriefready graphs towards the end of the video game.

by Clayton M. Christensen and Willy Shih


Competitive Strategy

Pricing: General Rental Car

Simulations re-create actual settings to reinforce student learning. Flexible management options permit professors set learning experience for a array of course levels, from

undergraduate to specialized graduate courses. Each ruse includes a in depth Facilitation Guideline, a " how to play” video summary, and tips for class perform and debrief.

This ruse teaches prices principles within a dynamic placing, as pupils play the role of a regional advertising manager accountable for pricing a fleet of carrental across towns in Florida. Ideal for undergrad and MBA courses in Marketing, Technique, Microeconomics, and Operations Managing.

Operations Supervision


Managing Technology


The simulation can be taught alone or perhaps used as a complement to the Clay Christensen case, " Hewlett-Packard: The Flight with the Kittyhawk” (A) (#606088).

Financing: M& A in Wine beverage Country

Command and Groups: Everest

College students play the role of CEO at one of three wine beverage producers: Starshine, Bel Morapio, or Worldwide Beverage. Every player...

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