Cell Wall membrane and Magnifying Factor

Cell Magnification

Fig. 1 . 2 . 1 listed below shows an animal cell




Fig. 1 . 2 . you Diagram showing the general framework Of an pet cell as seen underneath the electron microscopic lense

1 . Determine the zoom factor

2 . Calculate the size of structure G

3. Determine the diameter of the nucleolus

4. Estimate the size of the nucleus

5. Determine the size of the cell at its widest point

The diagram listed below shows a plant cellular




Fig. 1 . installment payments on your 2 Diagram showing the generalised structure of a grow cell since seen with an electron microscope

1 . Calculate the magnification element.

2 . Compute the density of the cellulose cell wall.

6. Calculate the length of the cell.

six. Calculate the length of structure C.

8. Compute the length of the vacuole.


1) Calculate the magnification factor

The line 5 (m is 20 mm very long. So twenty 000 (m = a few (m

Magnifying is twenty 000/5 = x four 000.

2) Calculate the size of structure G

Length of G is doze mm sama dengan 12 500 (m

Magnification is back button 4 000

Real size is 12 000/4000 = three or more (m

3) Calculate the diameter with the nucleolus

Size is 8 mm = 8 000 (m

Magnifying is x 4 500

Real size is 8 000/ 4 500 = 2(m

4) Calculate the diameter of the center

Diameter is usually 36 millimeter = thirty eight 000 (m

Magnification is usually x some 000

thus real size is 36 000/4 000 = 9 (m

5) Calculate the diameter of the cell at its largest point

109 mm sama dengan 109 500 (m = 109 000/4 000 sama dengan 27–25 (m

For all the answers above there is a tolerance limit of + or – 0. 5mm, so & or – 0. 1 – zero. 2 (m

There are other perfectly right ways of undertaking the calculations, so should your method is...

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