Customer survey on Buyer Preference for Internet Financial for Online Transactions


Name: __________________

Gender: Guy ( ) Female( )

Q: you Do you have a bank account?

5. Yes

* No

Q: 2 Do you possess an internet financial facility along?

* Certainly

* Not any

Q: 5 How often, do you really use net banking pertaining to the transaction purposes? * Occasionally

2. Frequently

2. Never

2. Often

* Very often

Queen: 5 About what extent you prefer the use of internet banking above Credit card/Debit cards? Greatly 1234567 Little

Q: 6th Following a few factors which in turn affect the desire for the use of net banking services. Please tick the appropriate option 1 . Firmly disagree 2 . Disagree 3. Neither concur nor don't agree 4. Agree 5. Highly agree Awareness of the services as well as benefits12345

The ease of use12345

The protection and protection of transacting over the internet12345 The cost of employing internet banking12345

The use of computer or perhaps internet12345


Low support charge12345

Convenience(24 hours assistance, anywhere connectivity)12345 Easy to keep my financial transaction activity12345 Q: several Do you prefer net banking and for the purpose like admission booking, e-tax etc besides for deal purposes? 2. Yes

2. No

Queen: 8 How will you consider internet banking in matter of reliability and privacy?






Security and level of privacy






Q 9: - What banking services do you really use which in turn your internet traditional bank offers? (Please check all you could are currently using)

( ) Seeking item and charge information

( ) Compute loan payment information

( )Download loan applications

( )Download personal bank transaction activity

( )Check balances on-line

( )Apply for buyer loans or perhaps credit cards on the web

( )Inter account transactions

( )On-line bill obligations

( )Others

( )Not applicable

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