THEO 202 Questions 1 almost 8 1 you 3


201420 Planting season 2014 THEO 202-C05 LUO


To discover 1


2/17/14 a few: 02 EVENING


2/17/14 5: 18 PM



Strive Score

45. 5 out of 70 points В

Time Past

14 minutes away of a quarter-hour.


Includes this week's textbook readings

Open-book, open-Bible, open-notes

15-minute time limit

twenty multiple-choice and true/false queries

Do not click the BACK press button because this is going to lock you out of the questions. The timer will continue if and when you leave this kind of quiz.

Problem 1

zero out of three. 5 factors

The theology of the O Spirit is known as ______________.

Selected Answer:


Question 2

3. a few out of three. 5 factors

This Point of Calvinism shows a form of timeless security based upon election.

Selected Answer:

Willpower of the Saints

Response Responses:

Question several

3. your five out of three. 5 points

According to the Villages textbook, approval is a useful and regular transformation in the sinner to a righteous expression of Christ.

Selected Response:


Query 4

several. 5 out of 3. your five points

This Point of Calvinism teaches that Christ passed away only for the elect.

Selected Answer:

Limited Atonement

Problem 5

0 out of three. 5 factors

According to James two: 14-26, the evidence that approval has taken place is found through action.

Selected Answer:


Issue 6

several. 5 out of 3. a few points

This doctrine teaches that God will never remove that which he has given by his sophistication.

Selected Solution:

Eternal Reliability

Question 7

3. your five out of 3. 5 factors

According to the Towns textbook, biblical faith presumes repentance as an element of saving faith. Therefore , biblical repentance is not repentir apart from trust.

Selected Answer:


Question 8

0 out of 3. 5 details

In reference to the Christian, this aspect of sanctification takes place inside the believer's long term.

Selected Response:

Progressive Sanctification

Question being unfaithful

3. 5 out of 3. 5 points

According to the, God 1st decreed in order to save the decide. В Then He decreed that Christ would perish and provide salvation for them.

Selected Answer:


Response Reviews:

Question 12

3. your five out of 3. 5 items

" The work of the Holy Spirit in the salvation experience which produces new existence in the believer" describes what?

Selected Solution:


Response Feedback:

Issue 11

zero out of three. 5 details

The cortege of approval is pretty much synonymous with prospective sanctification.

Selected Answer:


Issue 12

a few. 5 away of 3. 5 points

Based on the Towns textbook, the Bible teaches which the death of Jesus Christ was for all many people coming from all time (all men without exception).

Selected Answer:


Question 13

3. a few out of 3. 5 points

The word " grace" implies that God was under a certain obligation to save man mainly because man was created in the image of God.

Selected Answer:


Question 14

3. a few out of 3. 5 details

The theology of solution is called ______________.

Selected Answer:


Question 15

three or more. 5 away of 3. your five points

This kind of doctrine literally means " separation. "

Selected Solution:


Problem 16

0 out of three. 5 details

The theology of trouble is called ______________.

Selected Solution:


Issue 17

a few. 5 out of 3. a few points

This Point of Calvinism teaches that man can be " lifeless in sin, " in complete rebellion against The almighty, and unwilling to make virtually any positive decision for Christ by his own freewill.

Selected Answer:

Total Depravity

Question 18

0 out of 3. a few points

Inside the Old Legs, salvation was distinct in the grace of God; in the New Legs, salvation features grace rather than of works....

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